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Update: Little Big Horn recruits the Bahama’a


A few months ago I posted an article on three women’s basketball players from the Bahamas who were recruited to Little Big Horn junior college, located in Crow Agency Montana. I really like this story, and ran across this update on these three women and thought I would pass it along.

Little Big Horn Scores Bahamian Three-Pointer

July 30th, 2009

It took awhile, but now that all of the paper work has been completed the trio of Tiffany Wildgoose, Tracy Lewis and Taniel Poitier are one step closer to gaining a college degree and beginning their college basketball career at Little Big Horn College (LBHC) in Montana . They will be under the guidance of women’s basketball coach Dominic Gaglia.

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Little Big Horn College: recruits the Bahama’s

This is one of those stories that does not fit in perfectly to this blog but I really find this interesting. First most people in Montana do not even realise Little Big Horn College has a basketball team, second the recruit and sign almost the entire starting line up of this high school team, and third they go all the way to the Bahama’s to get these players. Now I garentee you LBHC’s recruiting budget has to minuscule. Fourth it is my blog and I like this story, becuase it put a smile on my face for sooooo many reassons.

Triple Threat- Tracy, Tiffany And Taniel Off To Little Big Horn
By Gerrino Saunders

Three Cybot Queens soon to become Lady Rams playing for the Little Bigh Horn College in Montana seen warming up for practice at Betty Cole Park on East Bay STreet. (L-R) Tracy Lewis-5’ 10” forward; Taniel Poitier – 5’ 6” guard; Tiffany Wildgoose – 5’ 10” guard. (Photo: Gerrino Saunders)

The women’s basketball program at Little Big Horn College (LBHC) in Crow Agency, Montana is just three years old but it is already looking to become a formidable team in the National Junior College Athletic Association. And according to head coach of the women’s basketball team Dominic Gaglia, he believes the three Bahamian players he expects to join his program this year will make a huge difference. He first learned of the three girls through National Coach Jurell Nairn.

Tiffany Wildgoose, Tracy Lewis and Taniel Poitier all recently graduated high school and are currently members of the Electro Telecom Cybot Queens that play in the local New Providence Women’s Basketball Association (NPWBA) where they have been honing their skills and preparing for the college game.

The three ladies that also have scholarship offers to other schools are expected to sign their letter of intent today April 8th to attend LBHC. In a recent interview they all seemed eager to get into school and begin working.

Poitier, 5’ 6” began playing basketball as a seventh grader with coach Simmons at SC McPherson Jr. High School before moving on to RM Bailey Sr. High School where she continued her basketball dreams while running track and field for a few years until deciding to focus on just basketball.

About seven years after she first picked up a basketball, the speedy Poitier is know speaking the basketball language explaining that she plays the number one (point guard) and number two (shooting guard) positions on her team.

“At this stage of my development in the game while playing the one I think I need to work on keeping my head up and knowing what is happening around me which will allow me to become a better play maker for my team, and when I’m at the two position I think I need to strengthen my shooting,” explained Poitier.

She say’s if she could choose which four-year college she would want to play for, she said UCLA. Poitier plans to study Computer Technology once she begins college.

LBHC is a public two-year community college chartered by the Crow Tribe of Indians. Eight Associate of Arts degrees are offered at LBHC.

Coach Wade Watson head of the Electro Telecom Cybots local men’s program trained Lewis who has been playing for six years beginning at Yellow Elder Primary School, before moving on to AF Adderly Jr. High School where she continued to “learn the fundamentals.”

Lewis, 5’ 10” small forward says right now she is more of a slasher, and that she is still working on perfecting many of the fundamental skills and developing a more consistent jump shot “because that is what coaches usually look for,” she said.

Lewis who played a big roll in helping the first-year Queens reach the NPWBA playoffs says she would like to play for the North Carolina Tar Heels once she has completed her eligibility at LBHC. Bahamian Waltia Rolle 6’6” recently signed a full scholarship to attend UNC.

Wildgoose who also likes UNC, already has a feathery touch on her perimeter jump shot. She has been playing since the fourth grade at Temple Christian School under the guidance of coach Keno Demeritte but is now “excited” to start college and begin studying Computer Information Systems and playing basketball.

“Playing in the NPWBA this year with a better team than the year before has given me a lot of experience and has helped to keep me in good condition, said Wildgoose.

However, the 5’ 10” guard who has very good ball handling skills admits that she has to strengthen her man-to-man defense, and it has been an area she has beenworking on and is willing to continue to work hard to improve.

All three of the players say they are ready for the physical and mental demands of college life for an athlete.

On Tuesday, coach Gaglia said that in his first year in 2008 after taking over the
position four days before the start of the season and with no recruits, the ladies team was able to win 10 games.

“I believe if we had Tracy, Tiffany and Taniel on our team last season we could have competed for the regional title,” he said.

The scholarship offer for each player was increased from the initial offer and now includes full tuition, textbooks, housing, meal plan and a round trip ticket to and from Montana.

Gaglia reminded that LBHC has a high set of academic standards and that major four-year universities “recruit heavily” from their region.

Galia has “personally” promised each of the players that he would help them with placement in a four-year school once they have completed their eligibility, provided they live up to agreed terms that include maintaining a 3.0 GPA at the end of the second year, have perfect attendance to class, practice and mandatory study table and cannot be caught in a position where they are disciplined by the school.

Additionally, each player must be able to complete a mile run at six minutes or under, score 200-plus on a basketball skills test, complete a 20 minutes conditioning station at an acceptable standard and pace, complete and document off season workouts as required and the student-athlete must be coachable.

Tiffany, Taniel and Tracy that spent the past year playing for the Queens will now become LBHC Lady Rams.


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