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MT / WY All-Star Boys (Round 1)

Last night the Wyoming and Montana All-Start laced it up it their first games. In the boy’s game it really was not much of a game. The game started out a little slow at the beginning of the first quarter but then the Montana boy’s got it going. the Montana coaches went with a troupe substitution pattern, subbing in five players at a time. The starting line up (Brumwell, Pierson, Stulc, Miller and Overstreet) seemed to be the more effective line up the first half playing better as a unit and letting the game come to them. the second unit (if you can call it that) seemed to be trying to hard to pound the ball into Huestis and Muller really seemed to be hoisting up a lot of forced shots.

By the second half though both units were playing much better all around ball, and the coaches seem to switch up the line up much better. With Brumwell, Huestis and Pierson shutting down the interior Wyoming went to the perimeter hoisting up a load of 3 point range shots but simply could not hit them.

It was a dominating performance by the Montana boy’s, and by late in the third quarter it really got to be rat ball. The team also started to get a little chippy and there were a few “hard fouls” that really hurt the enjoyment of the game at least by me.

The teams now return to Billing tonight for the second game in the serious, and it should be interesting to see how both teams react to Friday’s blow out. In the early 1990’s a Montana team routed Wyoming by 66 points in Casper only to lose to Wyoming in Billings. Word on the street back then was that the Montana boys got too confident, and the Wyoming boy’s got pissed. This is actually a pretty talented Wyoming team with some great shooters, and if they shoot the ball better in Billings it they could turn the tables.

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MT. Prep basketball: Three stars on the Highline

Joe Stulc of Winifred

Over the past few months I have been asked on a couple occasions to do more on prep sports or Frontier Conference basketball. I am not sure if I can but, from time to time I expect to do a few posts that may loosely fall into these and other categories out side of MSU and UM basketball and recruiting.

One of the stories that has interested me over the past 2-3 years has been the development of three very good basketball players along the High Line of Montana only 45 miles apart as the crows fly, in the towns of Big Sandy and Winifred. Winifred features Joes Stulc a slick shooting 6-5 wing man while Big Sandy feature both Blake Brumwell, a burly 6-8 post, as well as Corbin Pearson, a 6-5 sweet shooting combo forward.

College basketball prospects let along D-1 prospects are not all that common among the Class-C schools in Montana, yet these two schools with an total enrollment of less than 135 have three and it has lead to some great basketball and debates the past few years.

The basketball games have pretty much spoken for themselves with Winifred holding a slight advantage over the past couple of years over Big Sandy, but these teams have played some knock down drag out games. Since they play in the Northern –C, they seem to play each other 4-5 times a year. It has been a great rivalry to watch.

These teams are so close together and play so often the question that inevitably asked is, who the better player is, and that is usually followed up with, is” are they D-1 prospects”. As you might guess by reading this blog, for any amount of time, it is the latter question that I have been trying to get answered. In answering the second question, though, does it answer the first question? Maybe, or maybe not.

I have not had the chance to see these guy’s play in person, so I have had to picked the brains of all sorts of folks over the past few years trying to try to figure out the inside scoop on all them. I have to admit, I really do not feel I have these guy’s nailed yet. This is, though, the impression I have gotten from talking to folks.

Joe Stulc of Winifred, at 6-5 (or better according to some) can play inside at the high school level, but has the perimeter shooting ability that is better suited for the wing positions. He is said to be one of the better 3 point shooters in the Class-C. In college he is projected to play the small forward or shooting guard spot, but may need to work on his ball skills to make the jump. A scorer, look for him to average around 25 points a game this season.

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Montana D-1 Prospects: 2010 Class

I want to take a look at one of the better class of college prospect to come out of Montana in quite some. The 2010 class may not have a player as highly ranked nationally as Derek Selvig as the 2007 (108 by Rivals), but what it lacks with that big national star it will make up with numbers. There are at least 3 players and possibly as many as 6 players who are D-1 worthy players. Notice I said D-1 worthy, unfortunately, it seems that in this state there is a max number of athletes that will get offered even if there are possibly more. I have said this before it seems to me that the D-1 coaches in this state would rather take a chance on an out of state player than an in state player.

Josh Huestis (6-7 CMR) From what I observe Josh, seems to be the guy who is getting the most serious attention right now. I have heard from multiple sources that he holds offers from Both UM and MSU, but it would not surprise me if his recruitment takes off a little come this spring and summer. He has taken multiple unofficial visits to both schools. Josh’s family has connections to Montana State, and I hear he is interested in studying engineering, which might favor the Cat’s, still the Griz sweeping the Bobcats I do not think has helped the ‘Cats efforts. I think right now Josh has all the size and skills to a very effective Big Sky power forward. That said though he may get some looks at the small forward spot, if so he will need to improve his ball and shooting skills.

Matt Miller (6-4 ½ Capital) Miller could give Huestis a run for his money as the best D-1 prospect in the state, if he decides to play basketball in college. As good as a basketball player as Miller is I am told he is even a better football player. Both Tinkle and Huse would love to get him in a uniform; he is a complete package at the shooting guard spot. He could make an impact very early in both programs. He is said to holds offers to both schools in football and basketball, but will get offers from Pac-10/Big Ten caliber schools for football that appears to be the sport he favores,

Corbin Pearson (6-5 Big Sandy) I hear both MSU and UM are recruiting. Pearson pretty hard, but I do not know exactly where he stands with possible offers. Pearson is being recruited as a small forward. He is a pretty good athlete with a very good three point shot, and can also post up inside. Of the two Big Sandy players he is projected to be more of a scorer in college.

Blake Brumwell (6-8 Big Sandy) How often do you get two D-1 prospect from a Montana class-c school? I hope this does not work against them. Blake is more of an old school big man., a banger. He has been a pretty prolific scorer in high school but many feel his strength in college could be his rebounding, where he seems to have a real knack for it.

These are the Guy’s who I have heard from pretty solid info that are receiving solid recruiting attention the two Montana D-1 schools. There are though a couple of other guy’s who could be in the mix come 12 months. More on them later.

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