Early look at the 2010-11 Bobcat Men

With summer approaching and recruiting for 2010 over , with the possible exception of walk-on, I thought I would take a preliminary look at the next years Bobcat men’s team. Below I will break it down who I think, as of now are projected starters, major rotation guys as well as bench players, and finally I will give you my depth chart as of the first week in June. As always I reserve the right to change my mind come this fall.

Favorites for Starting positions

Bobby Howard combo forward– Howard really came on strong for the Bobcats in conference season last year earning First Team All Conference. He averaged 15 points and 7 rebounds a game during conference and the coaches will be looking to matching or bettering those numbers especially the rebounding next season. I think Howard will be the guy who will be facing pressure to be the leader on and off the court, but he should be up to the challenge. Look for the Bobcats to look to play Howard at the small forward some next year also.

Eric Rush point shooting and wing guard – Like Howard, Rush is going to looked at to be a leader for this team. Rush was also a double digit scorer for the Bobcat, but his biggest asset is flexibility to play any where from the point to the small forward. I see him starting at the shooting guard, but he could start at the point or wing if another player emerges at the shooting guard. Where ever he starts he will play all 3 perimeter spots for the Bobcats and they will need to get 30-35 minutes a game from Rush.

Danny Piepoli shooting guard / small forward – After spending the past two years as a key reserve, Piepoli will be looked to hold down the other wing position along side Rush. Danny has steadily improved his game over the last two years and his emergence as the leading contender for an open starting position, led to Austin Brown to transfer looking for a place he could start. The Bobcats will be very young next year as with Rush the Coaches will be looking for Piepoli to give them a solid 30-35 minutes a game.

Rod Singleton point guard – Singleton was recruited to be the Bobcats starting point guard for 2010, so at this point you have to pencil him as the starting point guard. Singleton is a pure point guard but can also score the ball so he may get some looks as a shooting guard if Trujeque becomes a viable option at the point. Of the four player in this Singleton is the one player I could see possibly moved out of the starting line up. If a player like Allou or McCall make a strong argument for a starting role, do not be surprised if Huse move Rush to the starting point guard to make room in the starting five, but it would take a very strong effort by one of these players to move Singleton out.

Possible Starter / Heavy Rotation Player

Cody Anderson center – At this early stage Cody has to be considered the leader for the starting center spot, but the margin of his lead is small. Anderson has been a regular contributor off the bench for the Bobcats for the past two season. He will definitely be counted on to give the Bobcats solid minutes next season, but he is going to have to pick up his rebounding ( 1.6 average last year). Cody at 270 pounds can be a load inside but that size also limits his minutes. Optimistically the Bobcats could get 20-25 minutes max from Cody so depth at center, will be an issue.

Jourdain Allou combo forward – Allou is a role player but he will be a player who plays a lot of roles. The coaches really feel Allou will compliment Bobby Howard very well, and they will be looking to create opportunities to get them in the game together. This means you could see Allou and Howard both forward spots or even at center spot to give the Bobcats a athletic line up. If the combo works well you could even see him in the starting line up.

Chris McCall shooting guard – McCall brings to the table, as a true freshman, what the need, depth at the wing spot. McCall can score the ball in a variety of ways. He is athletic quick and is an above average defender. As the star of a very talented recruiting class the coaches are expecting him to fit into the guard rotation.

Players Battling to get into the Rotation

Tre Johnson small forward / power forward – Johnson is looking to play a role off the bench at the power forward spot, but the coaches are also hoping that he can provide depth also at the small forward spot He has been given his marching orders to work on his perimeter skills. He is a tremendous athlete with a huge upside and could work his way into a key role for the Bobcats.

Jordan Salley power forward / center – Salley coming off an knee injury is the guy with the most questions. It would not surprise me at all if he stole the starting center spot from Cody Anderson he is that talented, and he does the one thing the Bobcats will need, rebound the ball. At the same time if Tre Johnson, Budinich, Anderson and Allou make a strong showing next winter, I could see the coaches redshirting if there is even a little bit of rust on Salley’s game.

Jeff Budinich power forward / center – Coming off a redshirt Jeff can be compared to Branden Johnson at the same point. Budinich is a little taller and a little better pure shooter, but I think Johnson had a little better footwork and lateral movement. At the center spot Anderson has the edge over him, but Budnich is very skilled and could press him. Budinich also can play the power forward spot. Budinich is kind of the forgotten Bobcats and needs have a very good off season to remind folks who he is.

Casey Trujeque point guard – Trujeque is the first player that I have ever heard Brad Huse tell me that he has an outside chance of starting as a true freshman. That was last October before signing Singleton and as the 2010-11 season gets closer most coaches will go with experience. Trujeque is a talent and he will be looking to lock down minutes at the point, and clear Rush to play exclusively at the wing.

Light Rotation / Redshirt

Shawn Reid small forward / shooting guard – Reid could be a victim of numbers. He is a talented player who on some previous Huse coached Bobcats teams might have found him in the guard rotation. The Bobcats will be looking to play Allou, Howard, and Tre Johnson all more of true power forwards to back up the small forward spot. If he can prove he is a better option than these guys at the small forward he could earn a spot in the rotation. Beating out McCall could also earn him a major role next year.

Blake Brumwell center – In my mind I have had Brumwell plugged in as a redshirt, but it appears the coaches are not ready to set that in stone. The 4/5 spot will be the deepest area of the roster next year, so Brumwell will have to show he can contribute their by moving ahead of Budinich, and /or Salley to avoid a redshirt.

Steven Davis power forward / center – Davis is a freshman walk-on player coming off a redshirt year. I am guessing at this point he will need another year or so to earn his way into the rotation. He could though impact the rotation and redshirt status of some players with a good summer. The coaches maybe more inclined to play him as a mop up or emergency big man minutes in games than wasting the few minutes on a scholarship player, who they could redshirt.

Below is how I view the depth chart. Typically Huse prefers to use 8-9 players at most in his regular rotation, so while I am showing a two deep, you can not view this in the same way as you would a football two deep. It is highly probable for next year team that Huse could bring in a power forward when he wants to rest his point guard.

Allou comes in at the 4 for Singleton. Rush moves from 2 to 1, Howard from 4 to 3 and Piepoli 3 to2.

You also have players like Eric Rush who can play multiple postitions  So listen take the depth chart with a grain of salt.

Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
Rod Singleton
5-10  Junior
Eric Rush
6-5 Senior
Danny Piepoli
6-6 Senior
Bobby Howard
6-7 Senior
Cody Anderson
6-10 Junior
Casey Trujeque
5-7 Freshman
Chris McCall
6-4 Freshman
Tre Johnson
6-7 Freshman
Jourdain Allou
6-7 Junior
Jordan Salley
6-7 Freshman
Shawn Reid
6-5 Freshman
Jeff Budinich
6-10 Freshman
Blake Brumwell
6-7 Freshman
Steven Davis
6-7 Freshman

Bold players are the player projected to be in the regukar rotation

Bold Underline players I feel are most likely starters.


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