Rating Bobcat 2010 Basketball Class (Part 1)

This blog has is mainly a basketball recruiting blog so I really wanted to try to do an in-depth look at the Montana State men’s basketball 2010 recruiting class. I also wanted to try not to cover ground that has already been covered a half dozen times here and else where. I wanted to be able to rate this class in my own way but also give anyone else who may be reading this post the ability to rate it themselves. You may not have your own blog but in your own mind you can hopefully read this and come up with your own mental grade. The first part of this post will be the looking at the individual player who make up the 2010 class. Part two will putting it all together and grading out the different aspects of the class and an over all grade.

You do not have to agree with me, I would prefer you make up your own mind.


This clearly is the best recruiting class Brad Huse has put together since coming to Montana State. I am not going to rate the athletes 1-7, but instead talk about them in tiers. If you want an excellent article on ranking the prospects check out Will Holden’s great article here. I helped Will with this article and would have to agree with how he ranked the athletes. I would, though, like to point out that in my opinion there are very little difference between #1-3. I also think come next September and the recruits have had a chance to work on their game and body’s over the summer, this ranking could have significant changes. I have seen recruits shoot up the depth chart significantly by working their butts off over the summer and others who dropped because they did not.

Top Three Freshman These recruits in my opinion have the potential to one of the top five freshman in the Big Sky next year, but to do so they will need to put the work.

Chris McCall 6-4 shooting guard
National ranking: ESPN 81 (SG – #75 nationally)
Strengths: Very athletic and quick. Very well rounded guard, with deep shooting skills and can create his own shot.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: He is a freshman? Best I can come up with. He is the type of player you build you front court around. Yes he has areas he could work on but nothing glaring..
Chances of contributing next year: The top recruit, according to some, will step right on a team that needs what he can provide. If he shows up ready to compete he could be the first guard off the bench.
Long Term: The Coaches will build it’s future the front court around him

Jordan Salley 6-7 Center / Power Forward
National ranking: ESPN 81 (C – #97 nationally)
Strengths: Physical, 235 pound banger. Strong rebounder, and low-post scorer. A hustle guy who does what ever needed on the court to win.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: Has not played since injuring his knee in June of 2009.  Will his knee be at 100% by this summer and how much time will it take for him to shake the rust off of his game.
Chances of contributing next year: If he is at 100% by the time practice rolls around this fall, he could be the freshman who is the most physically ready to contribute  right away, in the program since  Bobby Howard.
Long Term: His long term think of Divaldo Mbunga at the power forward, but could swing to center for a very athletic front court.

Tre Johnson 6-7 Power Forward / Small Forward
National ranking: ESPN 89 (PF – #63 nationally)
Strengths: Unreal athlete, strong rebounder, explosive scorer under the rim.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: At 200 is strength is an issue? If he wants to play the small forward he will need to improve his perimeter skills.
Chances of contributing next year: The Bobcats will need one or both of Johnson and Salley to make significant contribution next year. Of the two Salley looks to be the most ready to play next year, but Johnson has a huge upside.
Long Term: Would like to play the small forward spot, but has some work to do their. No matter what position he ends up playing there will be few Big Sky players who can match his athleticism. Could start as a sophomore

Quality Freshman These freshman in the next tier only because they have a question mark associated with them. Reid question mark is his experience / level of competition, while Trujeque is his height.

Shawn Reid 6-5 Small forward / Shooting Guard
National ranking: ESPN 91 (SF -138 # nationally)
Strengths: Well rounded front court skills, strong athletic, good pull up jump shot to about 18. Strong post up moves. Very strong rebounder from the front court.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: Needs to be more consistent from the out side, and improve his aggressiveness.
Chances of contributing next year: Reid has the skills and physical attributes to be in that top group, just needs to put it all together. With a good summer he could be a factor next year.
Long Term: Reid will start off his career as a small forward but eventually be a very effective Guard, for the Bobcats. My biggest question is how quickly he can adjust his game from the Idaho 4A level to the D-1 level.

Casey Trujeque 5-7 Point Guard
National ranking: ESPN 75 (PG -221# nationally)
Strengths: A true floor general point guard who has played at the highest level in high school. Outstanding speed. Good body strength. Deep three point range. Toughness.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: Height. At 5-7 he is hardly the ideal size. The questions are can he get his shot off and play defense against bigger guards.
Chances of contributing next year: Short of an injury he should play next year. The coaches are very comfortable with his abilities. Whether he is the primary point guard off the bench or a emergency back up it will depend on how much his height is a factor.
Long Term: I am high on Trujeque, I think, it has been shown that small guards can excel in the Big Sky. He has always played with the knock of being too short but he has always proven his critics wrong …. so far.


Blake Brumwell 6-7 240 Center
National ranking: ESPN: (NA)
Physically strong, good low scorer, Is not shy about putting a shot up. Strong rebounder, good footwork
Area of Improvement / Concerns: Speed/quickness, Adjustment to D-1 game, Undersized for a true center.
Chances of contributing next year: Most true big men really benefit from a redshirt year. Without question Brumwell falls into this category. If Brumwell plays next year it will surprise everyone. Brumwell looks to be #4 on the depth chart at center, which spells a redshirt on its own right,
Long Term: Brumwell is a project, but he fits exactly what Huse likes to see in a center. Physically strong, good footwork, can score the ball aggressively and has a great work ethic. The Bobcats have a lot of quality big in the program already so Huse will be able to develop him at his own pace. He should be a solid player for the Bobcats by his junior season.

Junior College Transfers

Rod Singleton 5-10 Point Guard
Strengths: A true floor general point guard. Decent scorer, Hard nose defender, College experience.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: Not the deep shooter the coaches wanted.
Chances of contributing next year: Coming into the 2010-11 season should be considered to be the leading candidate to win the starting spot at the point guard spot. This though is not guaranteed. Could be pushed.
Immediate Impact to the program: Singleton is a above average JC pick up at the point guard spot and should make a major contribution to the Bobcats for the next two years, but I do not know if he is a All conference type player.

Jordan Allou 6-7 Power Forward /Center
Strengths: Athletic, quickness, rebounding, hustle /high energy guy.
Area of Improvement / Concerns: Undersized big man, not a great scorer
Chances of contributing next year: Allou will be counted on to give some quality minutes at the 4 and 5 spots. Think the role that Cameron Henderson played this year.
Immediate Impact to the program: Allou was not a very highly recruited player, but he should be able to give Bobby Howard some minutes off the bench. He has the history and seems the attitude to be a player who earns favor with Huse. Will not be a star but will be a fan favorite.


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