Malware #*%@ Sucks

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About a week and half ago my computer got slammed with massive malware infections. For those who do not know malware is any type of program or virus loaded on to your computer usually though the internet that you do not want ad can screw up your computer.

Now I before I get into this I want to talk a little bit about some of the Anti-virus/spyware programs the majority of us have on our computer .. good luck! Since about 1995 I have protected most of my computers with Norton Anti virus, but it bogs down my computers terribly. About 18 months ago I switched to McAfee anti virus the other big name in consumer Anti Virus. My computer’s performance improved 2 fold after I did this and I have been using it ever since.

Now when I went to purchase my McAfee anti Virus, much like Norton, they had three levels of product, with each version costing about ten dollars more in each step up in protection. Now to me it was kind of like asking you if you wanted to buy condoms with big holes, little holes, or no holes. So I went with their product called “Total Protection” product. I thought the description was pretty self explanatory.

So back to my story..

A couple weeks ago, my daughter was with me and bored, and she asked if she could look up the football player from the movie “The Blind Side” so she could see what he looked like. She is sitting about 6 feet from me and all of a sudden she tells me my computer is look is acting funny. That fast my computer is infected with a malware program, which loaded a fake virus protection program on my computer and effectively locked down every aspect of my computer except if I wanted to “Buy” this bogus anti-virus. I found out later this is what is referred to as Ransom-ware.

A day later after doing some research on an uninfected lap top I found a way to solve the problem. Here is what to do if this happens to you. Down load a free version of a program called Malwarebytes –important do it from an uninfected computer. Turn off your computer (you may have to unplug it) and then restart it, but hit f8 over and over until you get the option of going into “Safe Mode with network support”. By doing this the malware program does not load and lock up the computer. Install the Malwarebytes, you got from the other computer (CD works best as you could risk infecting a thumb drive). Load the program, if you can update the data base do it, and then run a full scan to clean the computer. Let the computer restart normally and then run the full Malwarebytes scan again. This should get your computer running again, but as with mine, it will most likely not be completely clean.

After doing this I thought I had my computer back, but the minute I tried a Google search and clicking on a result it high-jacked me to some sites that let’s just say I did not want to go to. Every search engine with the exception of Bing was affected. Yahoo brought up some seriously disturbing sites.

I was livid because McAfee program was telling me that my computer was clean, and yet in doing some research I found out this has been a pretty common virus for the past 5 or so years, but McAfee could not find it nor remove it.

Now that my computer was working I contacted McAfee, they told me it was obviously my fault for going to a site that was infected, but they could remove the infection for a flat fee $89.99 I pointed out to them that I purchased their product called “Total Protection”, not” sort-of protection” or “kind of protection” TOTAL PROTECTION”. Again though my tech helper was more interested in selling me the removal service, but he did recommend that I visit their forums and maybe some one there could help me. Basically this is a great system for McAfee because the vast majority of the people who help you on these board are non-paid folk who help people like me for sh!ts and giggles.

Eventually I found this You-Tube help video from a professional computer tech that showed me how eliminate almost all malware from my computer you should check it out.

Malware removal Tutorial video.

I am amazed at how these Anti-Virus software companies promote them selves before you buy and then completely change their tune after you buy. Before purchace, they are the cutting edge, the most protection you cam buy, even Total protection, but after you buy all you get is excuses and told it is your own fault. I am sorry but the innocent action of my daughter is the exact reason we look for anti-virus. It is what happens a million times a day and is what the internet is all about. If your anti-virus program can not protect a computer from this type of action honestly, what is it worth?

Just a little end note. The type of malware infection, that I got, has exploded across the internet since the beginning of the year. They disable all anti-virus software on a computer even if it is not installed. I would recommend you go to the following sites and down load copies of these free Malware removal tools. Most of them have an option to buy a full version, but the free version works good enough. Write the down loads on to a CD and label it for future use. If you wait until you get infected the infection will most likely not allow you to access these site/programs.

The Funny thing is that none of these programs will remove all infections all by them selves it took all of them on after another to clean my system.



SUPER Antispyware



1 Response to “Malware #*%@ Sucks”

  1. 1 js
    February 11, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    get a Mac!

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