Pre-season look at the grizzly men (part 2)

qvale2This is the second part of my preseson look at the Montana State Bobcat men. You can find Part 1 here.

The Big Men

Brain Qvale 6-11 C – Qvale is the only big man on the roster who has played a complete season of college ball. Qvale started the first half of the season, but by the time conference rolled around Tinkle decided to go with Kyle Sharp who gave him more consistency, and energy in the starting line up. Qvale has a very strong interior offensive game, rebounds well and can really clog the lane defensively. He has the potential to be one if not the best true big men in the league this year. To do that though he need to start playing with consistency and like an upperclassman. I look for a big year from Qvale.

Derek Selvig 7-0 PF/C – Derek is somewhat of an enigma to me. I have watched him a lot over the couple of years, and there are times I see him a package of skills that I have not seen in a Big Sky Conference big man since the days of Domako and Kystowiak. The problem is that far too often, you simply forget when he is on the court, and that is tough for a 7-0’er. Truly, next to Anthony Johnson, Selvig could be the most gifted basketball player on the Griz roster. The (Big) Sky is the limit for Selvig it is up to him. He should start at the power forward spot, and fill in at the center spot when Qvale leaves, but you can forget about him playing the small forward.

Mathias Ward 6-7 PF – Look for Ward to be the first big man off the bench, and possibly push Selvig for a starting spot if he is not careful. Ward is going to be a very good scorer for the Griz over the next 4 years. He can score the ball in multiple ways, and is also a pretty good rebounder. He was scheduled to be on the active roster last year but an illness just before the start of the season caused Tinkle to decide to go head and redshirt him. If active he would have played quite a bit last season.

Eric Hutchison 6-9 PF/C – Hutchison is a highly thought of big man from Washington. He has been playing very well for the Griz this summer and fall, but could still use some seasoning and maturing before he is thrown into the D-1 fray. I don’t know, though that the Griz will be able to redshirt him this year. Again I am predisposed to want to redshirt all big men so I have some built in bias. Hutchison is a very mobile big man who has a very well rounded game, and can score, rebound and defend pretty well but really does not excel at any one area.

Vassy Banny 6-3 SF –  OK Banny is actually a small forward, and should have been included in part 1, but I forget. That though should tell you something. Banny is going to be battling just about everyone to carve out a role for himself this season. By the end of last season he was getting very little playing time and Tinkle then proceeded to recruit another small forward over the top of him. Banny is one of the more athletic players on the team and plays bigger than his 6-3. Look for him to be a role player who comes in and gives the Griz a boost of energy and defense.


The Griz have only 12 players on their roster and typically a team like to carrier a roster of 11-12 players, so a redshirt may or may not be in the card. The other issue is there are not that many players who they could even consider redshirting. Stockton, Cherry, and Hutchison might be the only candidates who could be considered, and I could make a strong argument as why anyone of those guys should not be redshirted.

Projected Starting Five

PG- Anthony Johnson
SG – Raason Young (yes I am selling Staudacher short again)
SF – Jack McGillis
PF – Derek Selvig
C- Brian Qvale

Key reserves

SG – Ryan Staudacher
SG/PG – Michael Taylor /Shawn Stockton
PF- Mathias Ward


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